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Windstream – The Wind of Change

Only a few communication companies managed to keep up with all the technological progress in their field, like Windstream did. Its outstanding achievements are based on the capacity of the managerial team to be always one step ahead of the competition, anticipating every demand and need of the ever growing number of costumers.

Windstream – Short History

With a history of almost seventy years, this company is one of the oldest names in the field of communications. First established like a phone service provider, it has extended and diversified its object of activity ever since.

Along the years, thanks to an intelligently conducted merge and acquisitions campaign, this company grew bigger and stronger, having achieved revenues of several million dollars a year.

With the development of the internet communication, the people running the corporation predicted the huge opportunities it offered and decided to invest in this domain, becoming in a relatively short period of time one of the nationwide most known home internet service providers.

Administering a wide connection network, with a powerful signal, Windstream offers high quality internet communication across sixteen states, and it keeps expanding. The company is also listed by the New York Stock Exchange, which can only be considered a confirmation of the trust and reputation it gained throughout the years.

Being a Windstream Costumer – Advantages You Cannot Overlook

It’s been a while since the internet became part of our every day lives, making them easier and more organized. And, how it usually happens with this kind of things, people began to get used having it close, available, in this particular case, enjoying the possibility to surf the web anytime, from the comfort of their home.

More and more companies began to offer their services as home internet providers. Their coverage area and the speed of communication vary, so clients interested in this type of services have several choice criteria.

Windstream was among the first companies to see the immense potential provided by internet communication. With an already solid base of costumers, the company extended its range of services.

So, using their existing land lines, they offer DSL and dial-up internet connections, especially in the rural areas, but also to offices and public institutions. This way, the company is able to satisfy a great variety of clients, each with his particular needs and demands.

But besides the internet services, they offer also phone and television services. So, if you are the kind of person who considers both quality and price when it comes to the services acquired, this is the perfect solution.

Choosing all these services as a package, you can save significant money. Time and effort should also be considered, since unifying the services means paying one bill to a single provider.

More than that, if you decide to take Windstream as your home internet provider, they will allow you to choose the speed of the internet connection by yourself, to make sure it will suit your current needs.

As mentioned before, they are primarily operating in the rural area, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the internet signal, even if you live in a remote zone. Having years of experience in communication technology, their employees have developed a safe and secure network connection, which will allow you to surf the web in the same conditions as if you were living in a big city.

Besides, any technical inconveniences or system malfunctions will be solved in the most responsive and efficient manner. Their specialized team will arrive as soon as possible in any location, being prepared to fix any kind of problem.

The promptitude and efficiency in answering customer demands are only two of the reasons why the company succeeded in building the solid reputation they enjoy today, with tens of thousands of satisfied costumers.

With all the costs of the contract being explained in detail, you can rest assured knowing there are no additional costs involved, other than the monthly payment for the services provided.

Being always up to date with every change in the field of communication, there is no doubt that Windstream is one of the companies that will never fail to satisfy their costumers’ needs, by offering them competitive services at affordable prices.