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It all started way back in 1998 when NetZero was founded. This was done by a group of interested individuals including Stacy Haitsuka, Harold Mackenzie, Marwan Zebian and Ronald T. Burr, who was the leader of the pack. Today, NetZero is known for being the very first internet provider to do it at no cost at all, free internet. In only 6 months, NetZero had already earned itself over a million users.

Basically, NetZero targets the advertising fraternity in its services as it was also the first company to come up with real-time advertisement that primarily targeted URL. Another major landmark reached by NetZero is the fact that it is up to date the only ISP included in the Out-Of-Box Experience. It got signed with NASDAQ as early as 1999 and took the symbol NZRO. This was when it went public.

Ever since then, NetZero has continued supplying its clients with some of the best internet connections in town. Basically, it is an internet service provider with its headquarters in Woodlands Hills, California. Actually, NetZero is one of United Online’s subsidiaries alongside other companies such as BlueLight Internet Services and Juno Online Services. This simply means that it is under the umbrella of United online. It is specifically known for its effective dial-up connections that have been ranked as one of the best in the region. As a mater of fact, they have gone a step further by inventing a dial-up software to cater for individuals with Mac OS X or Mac OS 9 computers, which is quite rare.

Normally, we all need a stable internet connection in the comfort of our homes as the internet has become somewhat like the running force behind most of our daily activities. You might have some document you are required to send to the office, or maybe some assignment that needs you to do some research.

Whatever the case, a stable internet connection is quite necessary today. The problem is; which is the right ISP to choose? NetZero might just be the ISP of choice. This does not mean that all the rest offer poor internet services, but NetZero should obviously be at the top of the list when looking for an appropriate internet service provider.

One factor that you should obviously consider when choosing an ISP is the location it covers. There is no sense to go for an ISP that basically covers for example California whereas you reside in Georgia. You obviously need to look for one that effectively covers your region. With NetZero, this is no problem at all. It covers the entire United States. In that case, NetZero fits your description so long as you come from the United States.

Another factor that many look at is the rates for the dial-up ISP. This is also no problem for NetZero. Its rates are very affordable if compared to most of the ISPs around. You can ask around from its clients, they will guarantee you an affordable dial-up internet connection.

Currently, the company offers as many as three different dial-up internet access plans. These plans are designed in such a way that they will fit various kinds of budgets as their prices differ; there is something for everyone.


On the other hand, NetZero makes it easy for its clients to join and get started. Unlike most of the ISPs in town, all you need to do in order to join is visit their website and follow the prompts; access is only a click away! Once on the website, go to the ‘store’ sector and choose the exact plan you would like. Once you choose the plan that pleases you most, go to the ‘check out’ option and that is it. It is as easy as that! However, you can only do this if you have your credit card with you together with all your billing information.

One thing that you should know when filling out your registration form online is that with NetZero, the speed at which your internet runs is determined by the type of software download you choose. The software available in the website is the best as you will be in a position to start off immediately. All you need is your username and a suitable password.

The other alternative is to order for the software CD to be delivered to your home. This option is not a bad one though you will have to wait for around a week for the CD to be delivered. However, once you get the internet connection on, the rest will automatically solve itself. You can easily access the rest of their services online.

To cut the long story short, NetZero is obviously one of the best ISP around. Where else can you get such rates? Or an ISP that offers fast start-up accompanied with easy purchasing? It definitely should be one of the best options when it comes to ISPs for home internet connection.


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