5 Top Alberta Internet Service Providers

You have several good choices for an Internet service provider (isp) in Alberta. Different companies may offer different services so before you begin your search you should have a good idea of what you need or want in an isp. For instance, a business account would typically have different needs than a residential account would. Perhaps you want VoIP or you want a symmetric or bonded DSL.

Of course price would likely figure into your decision as would the company’s reputation. Jot down some things that you need or want so that you can keep your search organized.



Distribute is a top Alberta internet service provider. They have several service packages that are affordable and have no cap. Payment for residential service is done through direct withdrawal. Servers are not allowed and customers must rent the modem, they cannot use one that they own.

But there is no deposit on the model rental. There are five email addresses provided and 25 megabytes of webspace, but no anti-spam or usenet is available through this isp. Customer reviews are favorable in regards to the service and pricing but they do cite lengthy waiting times for talking to customer service.



Comwave cites itself as being the largest privately owned telecommunications company that specializes in VoIP. With only DSL services, the prices are fair. This is one of the few providers that accepts American Express in addition to MasterCard and Visa. They do not allow servers and modems must be rented. Owned modems is not allowed but there is no rental fee for the modem, it is free with the service.

There are no anit-spam services or webspace provided, but there is usenet available as well as VoIP. Business service is slightly higher with no set up fee. They do allow servers but the remaining services are mostly identical to the residential services. Customer reviews are mostly favorable except for the sometimes inconvenient wide window of time that customers are given for service or set up.



Cable, dial-up, DSL or wireless, this isp has it all and their prices are very reasonable for both residential and business services. Many customers report good customer support that is knowledgeable and friendly. Set up is reported as quick and easy. They allow servers and you can own your modem or rent it with no deposit. They also provide anti-spam services, three email addresses, usenet access and 5 megabytes of webspace.



MCS has several very affordable packages. Customers can choose wifi or cable for their internet. Customer reviews are mostly favorable citing good, easy access to customer support. They also report little downtime and fast connection speeds. Customer in more rural areas also report great service with very little downtime or dropped service. The service people are consistently praised by customers who say they are knowledgeable and very friendly.



Slamhang is a very affordable isp in Alberta, but they are also a top Edmonton internet service provider. They offer DSL for residential and cable and DSL for business. For residential services they do not allow servers or owned modems, but modem rentals are free with the service. Slamhang does provide usenet access and webspace. Ants-spam services are also available. Business accounts are allowed to own their modem. Customer reviews are outstanding, very positive. It seems that Slamhang customers are consistently happy with their isp services.